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JGNZ Microcomputer Controlled Torsion Testing Machine

JGNZ Microcomputer Controlled Torsion Testing Machine Torsion Machine Metal Testing

Equipment Usage:
  • JGNZ Microcomputer Controlled Torsion Testing Machines suitable for the testing of torsional mechanical properties of materials and finished products at room temperature, and also for performance testing of materials and finished products.
  • The test sample is installed between the clamps of the adjustable space to adapt to the test of the torsional mechanical properties of different tested samples.
  • The test machine adopts computer controlled operation, and the software synchronously displays the torque-time, torsion angle-time, torque-torsion angle, torque-rotation angle and other curves of the tested test piece; real-time display parameters such as angle, torque and torque and torque peak; the test result can be stored, printing, etc.

Conform To The Standards:
  • GB/T 10128 'Metal material room temperature torsion test method'
  • JJG 269 ' Torsion test machine verification procedures'

  • Host - The mainframe adopts a horizontal structure. The left and torque plate connection sensor is a fixed end, and the right end is loaded with an AC servo motor to drive the force plate to rotate through the worm gear drive, and the torque is transmitted to the torque disk end by loading the sample, and the loading system can be moved and fixed along the guide rail. Used to adjust the test space.
  • Transmission system - Through the use of AC servo motor and driver, the wide range of speed of the test process is continuously adjusted and evenly loaded;
  • Torque and torsion detection - The high-precision torque sensor can measure the torque in both forward and reverse directions; the output of the torsion angle is derived by the AC servo motor to ensure the true and effective display angle. Through the computer data acquisition and processing system, the sensor signal is processed and displayed on the computer screen.
  • Measurement control system - The test force measurement control system consists of high-precision bidirectional symmetrical torque sensor, regulated power supply, measuring amplifier, A/D conversion, etc. The displacement measurement control system consists of photoelectric encoder, frequency multiplication circuit and counting circuit. Through various signal processing, computer control, data processing, display and other functions are realized.
  • Test process - The whole test process adopts the Windows-based operating system using graphical interface as the interface. The test parameters are input from the keyboard, and the virtual buttons are operated by the mouse to automatically complete all the test processes. The screen displays torque, angular displacement, torque-angular displacement curve, and test machine operating conditions. The test results can form a variety of report formats, which are convenient for printing and analyzing test results.

Software Introduction:
  • Record torque-time, torsion angle-time, torque-angle and torque rotation test curves, which can be switched at any time for high-speed sampling.
  • Test speed control panel.
  • New test, can also be formed in batches.
  • After the test is completed, DIY analysis board can be obtained to get the result report that you want.

Technical Specifications:

Model JGNZ
Torque range 0 ~ 100Nm, 200Nm, 500Nm, 1000Nm, 2000Nm, 5000Nm
Torque measurement range 1% - 100%
Torque minimum reading value 0.01Nm, 0.1Nm
Test torque resolution 1/200,000
Torque indication relative error ≤±1.0% (both forward and reverse directions)
Torque repeatability relative error ≤±1.0% (both forward and reverse directions)
The angle of measurement  0-10000º
The relative error of the angle indication ≤±1% (both forward and reverse directions)
Twist angle (small angle measurement) shows the minimum resolution 0.0001º
The minimum reading value of the corner 0.01º
Test speed 0.05/720º/min (before yielding should be 3º/min - 30º/min; after yielding is not greater than 720º/min) stepless speed regulation
Torsional speed indication relative error ≤±1% (both forward and reverse directions)
Torsional speed indication repeatability error ≤1.0%
The distance between the force plate and the torque plate 0 ~ 200mm (negotiable)
Coaxiality of the two chucks Ø0.3mm
Sample clamping diameter Standard sample (round sample Ø10, gauge length 50mm, 100mm)
Power supply AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz;
Sample clamping method Set of fixtures according to user samples
Test level Level 1
Mainframe net size (mm) 950 x 350 x 370mm
Host weight (kg) 150

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